AT&T Mobility to also sell iPads

October 14 2010 – 11:11 am ET | Dan Meyer | RCR Wireless News

-Verizon Wireless is set to begin offering Apple's iPad Wi-Fi on Oct. 28.-AppleVerizon Wireless is set to begin offering Apple’s iPad Wi-Fi on Oct. 28.

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The wishes of millions looks set to be answered in the coming weeks as Verizon Wireless (VZ) is set to begin offering an Apple Inc. (AAPL) product. No, that product is not the iPhone, but instead the iPad, and comes just weeks after the Wall Street Journal printed its annual story of the iPhone being on the verge of launching at Verizon Wireless.

Verizon Wireless has opened a page on its website saying that beginning Oct. 28 customers can purchase a Wi-Fi version of Apple’s iPad from the carrier. The page is currently only showing the device packaged with one of the carrier’s MiFi mobile hot spot devices that would allow the Wi-Fi enabled iPad, as well as up to four other Wi-Fi enabled devices, to access the carrier’s CDMA-based 3G network.

Verizon Wireless is also touting a special no-contract data package for the package that includes 1 gigabyte of data transmission for $20 per month.

The bundled price for the iPad and MiFi product from Verizon Wireless begin at $630 for the 16GB model; ramps up to $730 for the 32GB model; and tops out at $830 for the 64GB model. Those prices match what the 3G-enabled iPads with embedded access to AT&T Mobility’s (T) 3G network cost, with AT&T Mobility offering no-contract data packages of $15 per month for 250 megabytes of data transmission or $25 per month for 2 GB.

Verizon Wireless’ MiFi products regularly sell for $270 without a contract, or are free with a two-year contract, with data packages of $40 per month for 250 MB or $60 per month for 5 GB.

We would be remiss if we didn’t also note that Clearwire Corp. recently began offering an Apple-centric mobile hot spot device that provides unlimited access for Wi-Fi equipped Apple products to the carrier’s WiMAX network for $25 per month. In addition, Virgin Mobile USA recently unveiled a no-contract unlimited data plan for its MiFi device that runs $40 per month running on Sprint Nextel’s 3G network.

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